Shark Euro-broom, UV-617

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Shark Euro-broom, UV-617

I am doing this to show how to upload pictures and say I modified my wife's Shark UV-617 to semi-corded vacuum. I used some marine 16 AWG wire and attached it to main battery pack terminals via #4 terminals. Ran the wires along handle thru old charger port and tied it to handle by using yellow wire ties. Now I have nearly unlimited time to use VAC. old battery pack was 8.4 volt at 7 cells times 1.3 is 9.1 volt and using a 9.6 volt pack along side it gives about 1.2 volt for the 9.6 volt pack so close enough. I still have three speeds one LED. two LEDS. three LEDS. and low power light doesn't come on hardly now. So for uploading pictures click on my computer and check re-size pictures to handheld 240x320 and save. Now to see if it works. I am not very computer savvy so....

IM000242 (WinCE).JPGIM000243 (WinCE).jpgIM000244 (WinCE).jpgIM000246 (WinCE).JPGIM000247 (WinCE).JPGIM000249 (WinCE).JPGIM000250 (WinCE).JPGIM000252 (WinCE).JPG

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