EVG or EV Global 36v volt controller or compatibles

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EVG or EV Global 36v volt controller or compatibles

I'm searching for EVG 36v controllers for the EBike LE. I'm trying to find out from the community if there is a substitute for the controller?

I had removed the controller from the bike but there are no signs of removing the casing to check the wiring inside and to see if there is a short. The controller looks like it was blocked together and not meant to be open.

If there is any other enthusiast who had luck in removing the casing from the controller that would be helpful as well and maybe I can replace the wires and other items from my local electronic store.

My main goal is to repair the controller or use another controllers that works well with the ebike with out to many modifications. I would like to see someone who might of redesigned their ebike 36v from another controller that works with theirs before and after modifications so I can continue.

Thank you in advance to those who help.

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Re: EVG or EV Global 36v volt controller or compatibles


The stock controller is not servicable.
You can rewire the bike to accept a generic brushed controller. You need to by a controller and throttle.
You will loose some of the nice features such as the lights and horn and speed control, but I least you will get the ebike running.
Alternatively, you can find the stock controller for $150. Not worth it in my opinion. I do have a spare if you are interested PM me.

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