goodrum/fetcher BMS?

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goodrum/fetcher BMS?

I'm buying an XM-3500li and adding an additional 4 cells for a total of 24 cells. I need a good and inexpensive BMS to maintain the batteries. I've heard lots of talk about the goodrum/fetcher BMS, but I can't find one for sale anymore.

Rechareable Lithium Power has a ready-to-use one for $230, but they're out of stock.

TPpacks has the bare circuit board with a list of components that you need to buy and solder yourself, but they're also out of stock.

I would prefer to buy a premade one, but I have the skills to build it myself if necessary. Does anyone have a link to a place I can buy one?


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Re: goodrum/fetcher BMS?

After they start shipping scooters, my understanding is that Current Motor Company (CuMoCo) will be selling a standalone Goodrum/Fletcher BMS. They've got a local electronics shop assembling them for their bikes, and they plan to have the shop build more than they need initially.

However, they aren't ready to sell any yet, so you need a little patience if you want one from them.

My electric vehicle: CuMoCo C130 scooter.

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