TTXGP DVD has arrived - review

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TTXGP DVD has arrived - review

The DVD for the TTXGP 2009 just arrived at my house. Very exciting stuff. Very much recommended if you're interested in this historic event. If you don't know about the TTXGP, well, browse back in time in the EV Racing forum on this site for reports from June 2009.

The DVD is on two discs (that's the version I bought) .. disc 1 is the race plus a couple extras .. disc 2 is all extras.

The race part is in the style of live TV coverage (and, probably, is the live TV coverage). It jumps back and forth from bike to bike, has a commentator providing both color and standing all through the race, and does a great job following the bikes as they go around the Isle of Man. It includes shots from the side of the road, from an overhead helicopter, and from on-board cameras on the bikes. It gave me a wholly different appreciation for this race to watch it this way.

The extras include ... interviews with racers ... full length on-board video for most of the bikes ... a post-race Q&A session ... clips from TV broadcasts ... and more. The on-board video recordings, well, I only watched one of them because it's the full 34 minutes it took that bike to get around the course and I can only imagine what it would take to watch ALL the onboard video's.

Very good, very worthwhile ... and

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