Los Angeles E-Max Scooter Need Help

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Los Angeles E-Max Scooter Need Help

Hi I have an E-Max scooter that I need some help with. I don't have any prior electrical wiring experience but my e-max has 8 B.B. batteries that i put about 2,400 miles on and they needed to be replaced. I just bought 8 new batteries (B.B. Batteries EB20-12 12V 20AHr SLA battery with nut&bolt terminals) I also have 3 Power Cheks. The owner before me had done a great job labeling all the wires I basically followed how everything was labeled. However I charged the scooter and it turns on, but doesn't have any power. Basically I need some electrical help. Ideally I would like someone to come over to my house if possible. I will pay you per-hour, but I can provide you with as many details as possible. Any help would be appreciated. Please let me know if you are interested and I can send you my address and what time your available. Thanks for your help.

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Re: Los Angeles E-Max Scooter Need Help

First you should try to remove the powercheqs, maybe there is something wrong with them limiting the current to X Ampere so the emax runs but doesn't have full power.

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Re: Los Angeles E-Max Scooter Need Help

Ok, I give. What are powercheqs?

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Re: Los Angeles E-Max Scooter Need Help

the powercheqs each connect to two batteries and shift current in an effort to keep the two batteries voltages the same.

a failed powercheq will kill a battery. in this case the controller will definately not let the scooter move, as the voltage would be too low.

the powercheqs are wired in the traction line, so they couldn't affect discharge.

id suggest its not the power cheqs.


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Re: Los Angeles E-Max Scooter Need Help

Perhaps there is just a wiring error - you may have a same-polarity connection somewhere

Here is a diagram of the "buddy-pair" arrangement with powercheqs:


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Re: Los Angeles E-Max Scooter Need Help

old circuit diagram will be offered if you need, just send me email , emial address is in our website .

kind regards

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