NOOB Question: Torque-Sensing Motors?

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NOOB Question: Torque-Sensing Motors?

So far, BionX seems tb the most attractive choice for my needs.

Specifically the integration of a torque sensor in the motor with the controller - providing 4 levels of assist.

The only thing I'd want, if possible, is a more generic battery option.

Use of electric drill batteries as in Russ' "The ultimate Seattle hybrid bike" thread sounds sensible.

To wit:

- They're widely available, almost a commodity, so prices sb lower

- They're modular. 36v system, just keep adding batteries in parallel to get desired capacity

- Multi-use. You can use them at home for drill/portable saw/whatever

Seems like my ideal system would integrate BionX's torque sensing motor/controller combo with those batteries.

I'm thinking that with so many eBikes being sold in China there might be comparable motors/controllers available that can be combined - kind of like building a PC vs buying a fully-assembled MacIntosh.


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