Capstone's hybrid electric race car (supercar), the CMT-380

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Capstone's hybrid electric race car (supercar), the CMT-380

This was debuted at the LA Auto Show. Obviously the SF Auto Show, which I attended, is too far from the beaten path to have major announcements. Sigh.

The car itself is built on a kit car platform, the Factory Five Racing GTM supercar. It has a lithium-polymer battery pack big enough to give an 80 mile electric only range, and on-board is an 30-kw diesel turbine generator made by Capstone. Capstone cites performance figures of 3.9 seconds to 60mph and a 150mph top speed.

They're apparently not going to be selling these to the public. It's more of a technology demonstrator vehicle rather than an attempt to have something to sell.

Microturbine-powered hybrid supercar to debut in Los Angeles

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Capstone unveils CMT-380 electric car in LA Auto Show

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