Switched Mode Battery chargers and local dealers?

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Switched Mode Battery chargers and local dealers?

Since Vectrix is sort of gone as for procuring parts, I would like to be able to keep my VX-1 running as close to stock as possible in the near future. Whether I use use NPX80 Pb-acid batteries and make it a Pb sled or go with Ni-Cads or go with LiFePO4 batteries I would like a light weight charger or the specs close to original. I found a company in Canada Delta-Q and wondering if any one had their 120 volt or 144 volt battery chargers for AGM batteries. I ordered on or I should say got one on stand by till they actually bill me. This way an eight amp charger might keep me going. So my question is does anyone have information on this company and or the only dealer in USA EVcomponents.com In figuring the correlation of NiMH to Pb a 125 volt NiMH pack should be about equal to a 132 volt Pb pack and the only charger so far close to it is http://www.evcomponents.com/ProductDetails.asp?ProductCode=CHWP-14408? Maybe I could modify the Delta-Q charger to charge at 132 volt pack rate to 2.3 v/c
A 132 volt pack is 66 cells in Pb and times 2.3 volts is 151 volts which is dead on the monies for VX-1 charger as charging my VX-1. I sure could use a Delta-Q 132 volt charger if they make one for my table saw too. Also I figure the range to be 15 to 20 miles if I do go to Yuasa AGM / VRLA battery pack. Sure beats the cost of Lithium or NiMH. Again the charger in question is DELTA-Q from Canada and pretty impressive specs if I do say so.

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