Ping Batteries

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Ping Batteries

Is the real ping battery company. Or is this a knock off. I'm building a 48volt brushless cafe racer motorcycle. Right now, I'm sourcing 48v battery pack. I'm just wondering if it's for real. I'm try to keep my battery price around $600. Any suggestions would be a big help.

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Re: Ping Batteries

Yes they sell good quality batteries. However it's unlikely to provide enough amps for a racer. I use pingbattery packs on two bicycles - one of the packs has been running fine for 1.5 yrs of regular use. But the batteries' management thingy cuts out the pack if I hit the throttle too hard - under the modest amps required for a bicycle.

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Re: Ping Batteries

first question would be how much continuous and peak power are you after?

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