Preorders for new 2-seater NmG being taken

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Preorders for new 2-seater NmG being taken

Myers Motors has announced their new 2-person NmG and that they're taking pre-orders with expected delivery ... well, they don't say when. The price is $29,000+ but will drop the more preorders they get.


We designed a pricing structure for pre-orders to reward you, the buyer, with savings as you help develop the supply chain for American-made, highway-speed Electric Vehicles with an early EV purchase! We need 1,000 pre-orders to reach volume pricing to reach our goal price of $24,995 for the base model with a 60-mile range. We need to start the pricing at $29,995 until we can commit to that volume, but Myers Motors will drop the retail price for everyone by $1000 for every 200 pre-orders on the books.

History lesson: Myers Motors bought the assets of Corbin Motors several years ago. Corbin was a sister company to the Corbin that makes (made?) custom seats for motorcycles. Corbin Motors had designed a single person three-wheeler electric named the Sparrow. It looked like it came straight from Toon Town or else like a jellybean. They sold several hundred of them before the company ran into some financial problems (that are rather controversial). The company shut down and then sold their assets to Myers.

Myers has been selling the Sparrow under the name NmG (No More Gas) for awhile. Interestingly Myers' price for the NmG ($30k +) was about 2x the price Corbin sold it for ($16k or so). I wonder if Corbin's price was too low.

Corbin had also designed a two-seater but I recall it being powered with a gas engine and having an open top.

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