Video: Winter Solstice Morning Commute on my BionX bike

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Video: Winter Solstice Morning Commute on my BionX bike

If your idea of a good time is watching a video of someone commuting to work on a cold, dark, snowy morning while listening to 5 of Canadian folk rock hero Bruce Cockburn's greatest hits. I have the video for you.

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Re: Video: Winter Solstice Morning Commute on my BionX bike

nice one ..
am having to use my push bike at the moment as . my vectrix bearing collipsed
ave manage to sorce to goog fag gearman bearings been told that there are one of the best bearings around.
but ihave to say great video my hart goes out to all the cyclists out there as i havent been on a bike for years proppley
and now its hard freezing weather really bad rain i just wonna give up and as i work for the ambulance service i work all sorts of silly 10 hours+ shfts
so jumping on bike is really last thing on my mind i hate public transport and its unreliable.i have managed to loose 13lbs in two weeks wow im gob smacked i have been riding 13 miles round trip
and and going to work been taking 30 mins now down to aprox 20+mins....... and on way home 1 .1/2 hours ouch had to get off some times as hil hil hil and cramp ouch and ive got it down too
45 mins on good day my full suspention bike has big nobbleys on it but i may drag my feet fixing the vectrix as to keep fit ????????
orr not i am thinking of on road good riding position and 3+ gears and needs to be light and electric good make with latest tecnology bartries.
with exelant range 20+ ish miles ??? think i will swop between both new bike ? and my beloved vectrix

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Re: Video: Winter Solstice Morning Commute on my BionX bike

Living in the West Virginia mountains, I have never had a chance to bicycle on flat paved roads with 10 cm of cold snow. Is it different? Difficult? Dangerous? Do you have to have snow tires?

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Re: Video: Winter Solstice Morning Commute on my BionX bike

I use an unpowered bicycle most days of the year. This year Colorado has given me a larger than usual dose of snow riding.

Is it difficult?

Not particularly. Snow mostly just adds some drag. The deeper it is the more drag. Ten centimeters would be a decent workout. It's the difference between walking on pavement and walking on soft sand. When the snow melts and refreezes it gets difficult. You really don't want to start, stop, or try to turn on ice. Riding at a constant speed across ice is fine. It's all doable you just have to think and plan a bit more. I haven't fallen in years. I slip a lot more when I'm walking during the winter.


The biggest danger is still cars. I try to find places to ride where there are few or any cars even if it means going out of my way. It can also be a little dangerous if the weather is very cold, 10F or below, and you don't have the right clothes. Fortunately good winter gear is easy to come by these days. (Not so much when I was a kid, though.)

Do you have to have snow tires?

Nope. I use slicks most of the time. I also have a bike with knobby tires, but I don't use it much. as with cars snow tires mostly help with getting started. They don't help nearly as much with turning or stopping. If I lived in a place like Canada and was riding on ice a lot I might investigate studded snow tires, but I've never felt the need here.

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