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Hi, I'm new to this forum.
I would like to share with you the newest addition to my convertible twisting chain front wheel drive electric recumbent bike.
I have added a Honda GX35 motor, using 5:1 scooter gear reducer and a further 17/34 chain reduction to a freewheel on a 20" rear wheel.
The Crystalyte 406 powers the 20" front, along with my pedaling. Its 48 v lead acid with a dual relay regen brake (splits the pack into 2 24v).
I'm using a Justin meter(used to be called brain drain)and see 53km/hr on flat, regens at 55 on the down grades, seen it go up to about 1200w at over 60 and over 1600w with the regen brake. I get 20km/liter at beetween 40 and 60 km/hr. Could be much better if I slowed down and pedaled more ! Anyway its a blast to ride. I modified the carb and muffler for a bit more power and a great 4 stroke sound. I like hitting both 1200w motor and 1.5 hp motor at the same time for great acceleration. The clutch slips up to 35km/hr (about 4500 rpm) and pulls well from 40km/hr up. I relaese the electric at 40. I add pedal power to keep the speed over 40 on slight hills and add electric also on steep hills. I hava few 300 meter climbs on my commutes and generally use about 1 to 1.5 amp/hr per 20km trip. For indefinite range in the mountains, I'd have to gear it down so that I would use less battery power on the hills and could regen using electric brake at about 30 to 35 km/hr, without the clutch slipping. Maybe some of you electronic wizards could tell me a simple way to regulate the regen ? How much can batteries take.? I usually try and keep it about 200w and 55v on the down grades. I think a 25% slower speed and 2 18v batteries would be about perfect, although I do love the sound and feel of 53km/hr at 7000rpm.
You'll like the rear swing arm when I get some pics taken and posted.

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Re: Tribrid

Hi well I am no electronic wizard BUT I would like to see your pic.s LaTeR

thank GOD I wake up above ground !!!!

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