new EVT 168 model 2010: top speed and tire size

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new EVT 168 model 2010: top speed and tire size

Recently I tested the new 2010 model of the EVT 168 scooter in Amsterdam.
Improvements to the old model are:

  • brushless motor (old model: brushed)
  • 2800W max power (old model: 1500W)
  • 48V 120A controller
  • 100/60-12" rear tire (old model: 3.00-10")

These specs promise a nice top speed of about 60kph [37mph], which is good.
However, in Europe alle scooters are restricted to 45kph [28mph], which is too slow.
So I was thinking: the new rear tire is quite flat (100mm wide and 60mm high).
Changing this to a 100/90 tire, makes the radius of the rear wheel 30mm larger.
I calculated this will enlarge the circumfence of the tire by 140%.
If the motor is speed restricted, but powerful enough, a top speed of 63kph [39mph] should be theoretically possible.

Who has experience with this kind of short-cut conversion on a 2010 EVT scooter ?
Does it work or is there an even more simple way to do the trick ?

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