TTXGP versus FIM over electric motorcycle racing

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TTXGP versus FIM over electric motorcycle racing

There's been some controversy over electric motorcycle racing. What had been TTXGP working with FIM to establish the rules and racing governance turned into splitsville in November.

See: Electric motorcycle racing soap opera between TTXGP and FIM

Zero Enters TTXGP Racing Series [Updated] - Dec 02, 2009

Their press release about entering the race. They're buying a Mavizen frame but no battery pack - will be installing their own pack and Z-Force drive train. Easiest way to get into the race. Presumably meaning their existing production bikes cannot hold a large enough pack for TTXGP racing.

Zero Motorcycles throws hat into TTXGP road racing ring - Dec 02, 2009

TTXGP signs electric bike manufacturers - Dec. 03, 2009

Mission Motors = exclusive to TTXGP

CRP Racing = racing w/ an eCRP 1.0, exclusive to TTXGP (wait, didn't they tell me CRP Racing wouldn't be entering electric bike competition?)

Zero Motorcycles will race in TTXGP but haven't committed to exclusivity

Electric racing crisis: Mission sign for TTXGP, FIM blamed for split - Dec 03, 2009

Gives some behind-the-scenes clues to the backroom failed negotiations which led to the split. FIM declined to back TTXGP, then FIM demanded full rights to the TTXGP series, and demanded that the rulebook could not be used outside FIM events. This all despite TTXGP's team having done the hard work to develop the rules and publicity.

Mission Motors will race in 2010 TTXGP - Dec 03, 2009

Mission Motors' press release announcing exclusivity with TTXGP

Mission Motors Commits To Motorcycle Green Grand Prix Dec 08, 2009

My response to “For The Sake of The Game,” by Azhar Hussain - Dec 10, 2009

Azhar Hussain giving a very thorough rebuttal of the conflict of interest issues. Very interesting and worth an article summarizing it. Perhaps contact Azhar for some questions if I have any.

Electric racing crisis: who will sign MotoCzysz? - Dec 11, 2009

Hasn't decided which racing series to join with. Has some interesting things to say about the roles of sanctioning body and promotor.

MotoCzysz Weighs in about Electric Racing - Dec 11, 2009

TTXGP Announces Canada Race for 2010 Series, eh? - Dec 12, 2009

Announcement of an event in Canada as part of the North American TTXGP series.

TTXGP Electric Racing Series Coming to Canada - Dec 14, 2009

Electric racing crisis: TTXGP adds Canada - Dec 14, 2009

TTXGP sets the standards for electric-powered motorsports - Dec 14, 2009

TXGP FINAL/UEM 2010 - 15th December 2009

Grand finale of TTXGP 2010 will be in Albacete Spain in October

eGrandPrix Adds TTXGP Venues And *Cars* With EMXGP - Dec 15, 2009

TTXGP partners with UEM, announces eGrandPrix European Championship at Albacete - Dec 15, 2009

Electric Motorcycle Racing Grows for 2010 - Dec 16, 2009

Goes over the various races scheduled for 2010

TTXGP announce fourth UK race date - Dec 16, 2009

All Electric Grand Prix Coming To Paris Next Year - Dec 16, 2009

Introducing the EMXGP - Dec 16, 2009

“I am woman, eat my dust” - Dec 17, 2009

Team AGNI - signed woman rider etc

eGrandPrix Launches Electric Vehicle Race - Dec 17, 2009

Not content with just electric motorcycles - electric car racing.

Electroracing in Canada - Dec 17, 2009

Italy’s Getting In On Electric Motorcycle Racing - Dec 18, 2009

Four electric motorcycle races in Italy, promoted by TTXGP

Italy Included in the 2010 TTXGP Race Calendar - Dec 18, 2009

TTXGP Italian Championship Dates And TTX02 Updates - Dec 18, 2009

Italy confirms TTXGP championship dates - 18th December 2009

TTXGP racing dates in Italy

Italian Job for TTXGP - Dec 18, 2009

FIM e-Power flexes WSBK and MotoGP Muscle - Dec 19, 2009

FIM announced more dates including endurance races

EMS sign up for TTXGP 2010

Electric Racing Crisis sparked by FIM series - Dec 27, 2009

FIM race map
TTXGP race map

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Re: TTXGP versus FIM over electric motorcycle racing

Looks like a FIM internal screw up. Someone should fire the FIM marketing director (apparently he was the one who unilaterally created the competing the FIM series - but oops, they forgot they needed participants). Kudos to the teams who continued to support TTXGP - who made it all happen.

Go TTXGP! And, hopefully TTXGP will be back in the FIM fold in 2011.

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Re: TTXGP versus FIM over electric motorcycle racing

Great summary of all the articles out there, David. Don't forget the A&R article that brought up the COI issue:

and that article about the internal disagreements in FIM... I don't think it's been published online yet, but posted here:

TTXGP is getting ready to announce some of the teams.... next week, I think.

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