Nicom E-Bikes

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Nicom E-Bikes

Good Evening All,

Does anyone know the brand Nicom?
This is one of their models.. any one experience with the brand or bike?


Im not sure if Nicom are the people who manufactor the bike , so im hoping someone could shed some light on this.

Many thanks,


Ben Jamin
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Re: Nicom E-Bikes

Yes, that Nicom e-cycle is a classic. Mine is a 500w version, but they are available as 350W, 500W and 800W. My wife and I bought ours here in Toronto from, where they retail for $895.(Can). This bike is also marketed in the U.S. as the "e-road" bike - here is a Hollywood promotional video: "TDR48K15 Electric scooter In Hollywood" -

We love this model, very agile and light, rides astride like a small motorcycle or moped. Let's see if I can upload a pic of my machine: //") - or look here for examples from the factory website -


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Re: Nicom E-Bikes

Where can I order replacement lights?
they are all labelled 55volts.

I need a new brake light, head light and a turn signal. Spares would be great since these things are impossible to find.


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Re: Nicom E-Bikes

Hi , My name is Julian Cortes and I have those bulbs for this bikes they run about 8 Dollars for the Signal Bulb and Brake bulb and about 15 for the head lights , they are 55 Volts capacity each , let me know if you want to get them.

thank you


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Re: Nicom E-Bikes

Hello i'am new on this Forum, my hobby the electric E-Bike from Nicom, for enyone i've got a lot of spareparts for this scooter.
When you need a part you can whrite on mail han.schiphorst [at]

Switch 100, Top Prince, E-Road, Sprinter, Motorino VTS, Celtic Beetle, ezcruzr

Greetings Han ( the Netherlands)

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