Multi-bank chargers and PulseTech desulfators

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Multi-bank chargers and PulseTech desulfators

Just came across a vendor that's selling a very nice looking list of battery chargers and battery desulfator's. I've added them to the Vendor Directory: ChargingChargers

Their product line is entirely for lead-acid batteries. Sure that's old hat technology, but very affordable.

In the past we've had discussion about bank charging setups. Unlike the method some have used were to rig up multiple cheap 12 volt chargers, they sell bank chargers already configured and ready to go.

The battery desulfators are from PulseTech - a couple months ago a presentation was given at the EAA Silicon Valley meeting going over two different battery desulfator's. He showed results indicating phenomenal life cycle improvements and behavior improvements by using one of two specific desulfators. One of these were the PulseTech.

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