The TTXGP rules are now on a wiki for everybody to edit

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The TTXGP rules are now on a wiki for everybody to edit

This appears to be about assuaging the criticism of potential conflict of interest between Mavizen (owned by Azhar Hussain) and TTXGP rules decisions (TTXGP owned by Azhar Hussain). Azhar has posted some explanation (see My response to “For The Sake of The Game,” by Azhar Hussain) that's basically saying what he told me over the phone in October when I asked him about this. Namely: There is an arms length arrangement between all the entities and in particular the rules making and decisions are being done by an advisory board managed by the IET and Azhar is not involved with nor has access to decisions.

In any case anybody can look at the rules - they can register for the wiki and edit the rules. Brammofan will be there to watch out for miscreants.

Background information:-

TTXGP Crowdsources the 2011 Rule Book

TTXGP: You write the rules

Electric motorcycle racing soap opera between TTXGP and FIM

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