Italian Factory CRP Unveils Its E-Motorcycle

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Italian Factory CRP Unveils Its E-Motorcycle

Italian Factory CRP Unveils Its E-Motorcycle

CRP Racing is one of the companies selling bikes for potential TTXGP teams to race with. They've unveiled the bike at the Motorsport Industry Association’s (MIA) Cleaner Racing Conference happening right now.

eCRP 1.0 technical specs
FRAME Aluminium double beam
REAR SWING ARM Aluminum Alloy
FRONT SUSPENSION “Upside-Down” telescopic hydraulic fork OHLINS Stem dia. 43 mm
REAR SUSPENSION OHLINS Hydraulic progressive shock absorber
FRONT BRAKE Floating Braking Wave Disc dia. 320 mm
REAR BRAKE Single Braking Wave Disc dia. 220 mm
CALIPER Four pistons radial “Brembo” caliper
WHEEL RIMS Forged Aluminum Marchesini; Front Rim – Size 3.50″x17’’; Rear Rim – Size 5.50’’x17″
FRONT TIRE Front Tire - Size 120 x 70-17
REAR TIRE Rear Tire – Size 165 x 60- 17
WHEELBASE Wheelbase –1376 mm
MOTORS Dual DC “Agni 95″ electric motors.
BATTERIES 6 KW/h Batteries Pack52 packs (4 sets of 13 packs each)
CONTROLLER Size 480mm x 150mm x 60mm
CHARGER Zivan NG3 - 96 V
BMS - Battery Management System
WEIGHT 175 Kg.
ENDURANCE RANGE 40Km (depending on track conditions)
SPEED 180 Km/h

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