EMXGP race route announced

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EMXGP race route announced

The TTXGP organizers (eGrandPrix) weren't satisfied with just motorcycle racing. In December they announced a road racing series to be called EMXGP. The map of the route for the first EMXGP race has been announced

The E-Grand Prix is partnering with GP-Elec, and the events will take place at in Levalllois, Paris’ city center. M. Patrick Balkany, Maire of Le Levalllois, and MP of Les Hauts-de-Seine, fought hard to have the races in his borough, believing the races would garner attention for environmental issues in the city and lasting development for his people.

"World premiere for Paris - June 4/5/6, 2010 Electric Motorsports comes alive in a dazzling special event"



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