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E Bike Conversion Kits :P

To the concern of many people; i think that we can all agree that buying a car is substantially different then buying, say a new computer. Both are investments but the price and the means of use are very different. So what do we do when something new comes along that could fit between the two; the means of transportation, but the cost closer to a computer? Well the answer is simple; we shop around and see how we could get the most bang for our buck.

But still, many new people are wandering without a sense of what they want from an E Bike or how they even work? E bikes are a brand new item hitting the market with endless possibilities, the only problem is people are afraid, across the board, of investing in a new item that many know nothing about, but sometimes the cost may out way their feelings of trying something new. So then who do you trust? who do you decide to go with? the shady E bike dealer with the bargains just falling out of his creeper trench coat? or the man with the white collar and black tie that's pushing Technology and prices that are wayy over your head!

My name is Chris Ray and im an employee at Ampedbikes.com; here we understand the confusion that alot might feel when shopping for an E bike kit, and we like to feel that we make this process a whole lot easier. Our Bike Kit Conversions can be retrofitted to almost any bike out there today! We offer safe and easy explanations and instructions for our conversion kits and make our entire system "plug & play" so it's much easier for the consumer to install without the headache of the difficult novel sized instruction manual. Not to mention our prices are very competitive and are but a fraction of one you might pay for a full assembled E bike and the only difference is that your riding your bike! We are a very progressive company with new ideas streaming out daily, and 100% of our profits go directly back into the company to continue our desire for the perfect E bike kit. As such, we overtly engineer all of our technology and guarantee you will get the most bang for your buck! To Learn More Visit Our Website at Ampedbikes.com Chris Ray :mrgreen:

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