Battery pack opinion

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Battery pack opinion

Can anyone comment on this battery pack for it's price/company reputation/comparability to existing setup before I get it. I'm trying to upgrade from 6 12Volt 41amp YellowTop Optima batteries to this setup from Foxx Power.

24 cells (50ah) @ $70 ea = $1680 + 72volt charger 25ah with BMS (Balancing) $870
Harness & Connectors $225 Total= $2775

Thank you

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Re: Battery pack opinion

yes, Ben, Last year i bought two 48v 30ah battery packs w/ chargers. They came quickly, work very well and are staying balanced! I haven't had a chance to deep discharge them much as winter has filled the road with ice 3" thick and bumpy down the road but i feel they offer a good value for the money and ready service if there is a problem! go for it !! LaTeR

thank GOD I wake up above ground !!!!

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Re: Battery pack opinion

Hello Ben
i think u can looks our LiFePO4 Battery pack ~
24cells *3.2v 50ah in series-parallel = 72v 50ah pack ( our LiFePO4 support 3C Continue Discharge Current),
Max. 5C <15sec
more can view our website or contact with us service~

so, u can find more battery pack via search in google .

LiFePO4 battery pack solution for continuous discharge 3C
Max.5c Discharge Current
WGESO (Shanghai) Trade Department.
Email : Sales [at] / Service [at]
Online Store :
Address : NO.76, Nanle Rd., Songjiang Dist., Shanghai

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