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The US TT Foundation

The Isle of Man TT is the most dangerous, most demanding motorcycle road race in the world. The TT is run annually on the Isle of Man, a tiny island in the Irish Sea, between England and Ireland.

It's difficult: The 37.733-mile race course uses public roads—through villages, over 2,000' Snaefell Mountain, between stone walls, with 266 turns. Top speed is around 200mph and the current lap record is 131.578mph.

And it's dangerous: From 1907, when the race was founded, through the 2009 races, there have been 227 deaths.

In all the 102 years the TT has been run, no American has ever stood on the podium in the modern premier classes, though Dave Roper won the 1984 500cc Historic race--which was run only that year.

We are the US TT Foundation, and with your help, we will change that.

This is a grassroots effort: We are collecting individual donations to send 2-time AMA Superstock champion Jimmy Moore to the 2010 Isle Of Man TT. Donate just $10 and receive a USTT Supporter decal—and your name as a sponsor on Jimmy's USTT race bike. Click here to donate, or learn more about this and other sponsorship opportunities.

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