Vectrix Fuel Cell ?

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Vectrix Fuel Cell ?

Hi everyone, while my Vectrix awaits a new temp sensor I was looking at the new battery technology being discussed here and I will definately be upgrading to the new battery pack when available. However I am curious about the fuel cell that was going to extend our current range to 155miles ! Anybody know what happened to it ?

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Re: Vectrix Fuel Cell ?

google a little about operational costs and efficiency of a fuel cell.. too expensive (uses platinum, not abundant at all ;-)), too powerless, too fragile (the fuel cells bought in the UPC university don't have warranty, if they work, nice, if not, bad luck!...), with very little operational life (about 1 year...)... but most important: very low efficiency (about 30-40%)! A fuel cell can make sense in the ISS, but not in an electric scooter...

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Re: Vectrix Fuel Cell ?

Anybody know what happened to it ?

Yeah. It got canned. The company was already having trouble selling these bikes for $3000 less than their original pricepoint. Adding more components and expense just don't get it done.

The fuel cell prototype, the tri-wheel prototype and a few other ideas were huge amounts of investor money very poorly spent at a time when they should have been concentrating on micro-marketing,slow and steady growth, and actually generating a profit.

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