im hoping someone can help me

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im hoping someone can help me

im having some trouble, i have a electric starter for my sons mini quad, it burned up and decided to try and rewire it, i found info on internet, rewired it and now it runs backwards, im sure its nothing major but if someone could help me and let me know what i did wrong that would be great

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Re: im hoping someone can help me

I can help you! I sent you a message, check it (Under "My messages" here on Visforvoltage)for my phone number, and CALL me, to discuss the problem and solution.-Bob Curry

Robert M. Curry

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Re: im hoping someone can help me

Without knowing a few questions there are a few possibility's , totally wired backwards, brush holder rotated out of time, reversed leads to the terminals etc. try reversing the power at the terminals and running that way ?? LaTeR

thank GOD I wake up above ground !!!!

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