zapino forum dead?

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zapino forum dead?

No one ever posts on here anymore.. I guess the forum is now dead. R>I>P>

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Re: zapino forum dead?

I have to admit, I have not had much time to pursue my EV interests for a while. Between buying a house and getting married soon, I don't have much time for my hobbies. I have actually been suffering withdrawal from my Zapino. I live in San Jose, CA, and this is about the wettest winter I have ever seen! Hopefully the sunshine will bring a renewed enthusiasm for me. The rain has to end soon.

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Re: zapino forum dead?

I also have not been riding my Zapino much this winter because of more rain than usual. I hope to begin riding it more this Spring. I have a brand new set of batteries waiting to be installed so I can go farther from my home base on a charge. I remember when the original batteries were new and I could go 30+ miles on a charge.

Steve Tanner

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