Battery made of ordinary paper?

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Battery made of ordinary paper?

linked above is a breif and incomplete discussion about a doped paper "battery"

it sound more like a capacitor to me.

Might interest some here

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Re: Battery made of ordinary paper?

Oh, yessir. Supercapacitors are already on their way to plugin hybrids, if I understand the A123 unit correctly.

And other things are in the works.

If there's a way to do away with the battery altogether and just use supercapacitors on the cheap, I'm all for it.

WHo dares, WINS!!!!

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Re: Battery made of ordinary paper?

A123 cells are all battery,
they don't sully it with a capacitor :p

they have been available through back door means for a while now.

this is a test on various high power LiFePO4 cells from a few years ago:


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Re: Battery made of ordinary paper?

The link you have given in your post is not working.I think it got corrupted.So please repost the link..

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