wire size and number of windings

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wire size and number of windings

I really need some HELP.
I am building a permanent magnet generator and basically in the dark about how to determine what size wire and how many winds I need for my coils. I will be using the generator to charge a 12 volt battery.

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Re: wire size and number of windings

To my knowledge, any size of wire or number of loops will do if other factors change to meet the situation. I don't have specific numbers beside me, but: More loops, faster speed of rotation, and stronger magnets mean higher volts. Do you know how fast this will be turned? How well will this speed be regulated? Too much voltage will damage batteries when charging. Size of wire will determining the resistance of the wire, the skinnier the wire the more resistance, the hotter the wire will become at a given amount of amps. How heat tolerant is the insulation of your wires? How well will the system be cooled? Also to consider is the physical size of your generator, the more copper in it the heavier and larger it will be.

Out of curiosity, how will it be turned.

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