Differnce between 250 HT ,350 and 500

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Differnce between 250 HT ,350 and 500


I wonder if there is a difference between the 250 HT ,350 and 500 motors.
I mean, is it only the software who is making the difference?
Can we turn a 500 W motor into a 350 motor if it would be possible to change the software?
I see on the Bionx website there is no difference in weight (4,7 kg)



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Re: Differnce between 250 HT ,350 and 500

I was on the blower to BionX in Canada a few weeks ago. I was told "I would not notice any difference between the 350 and 250HT". I interpreted that as meaning they were the same. I have also read a dealer's ad on ebay stating as much, "identical to P-350". The comment from BionX was said to me in the context of using the BionX system in Europe, which has a lower wattage limit than America. I concluded from the conversation with BionX the 250HT is a marketing measure to comply with Europe's laws while satisfying customers who suspect or feel the 250 is underpowered. I don't know about the 500, I'm sorry.

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Re: Differnce between 250 HT ,350 and 500

Is there someone who opened one of these motors to compare?
We in Europe we have the HT 250 watt. I am quite sure the Bionx HT give fare more power. (more than 250 W for sure )

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Re: Differnce between 250 HT ,350 and 500

How can you determine based on the Motor ID if you have a 250 or a 350 or 500 watt Bionx unit?

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Re: Differnce between 250 HT ,350 and 500

May be i can provide some insight. A 500w motor is a 500w, you cannot change it by the software. Here are the differ type Bionx motor that are generally not published on the web site:

250w 280rpm
250w 370rpm
250w 300rpm
350w 300rpm
350w 385rpm
500w 480rpm

I don't know much of 250HT, because we can't get them in North America, only special partner that makes bike with bionx system. It is only sold in Europe. I believe it may use thicker copper winding. It is also a bit marketing and breaking the rule. Most of European countries only allow 250W motor, had a speed limited on 25km/h but nothing say about limit on voltage. So the Bionx 250w HT are generally match with a 37v, it give much faster pickup speed, and much higher torque due to 37v instead of 24v, but still limited at 25km/h.

website http://us.itselectric.ca/
youtube http://www.youtube.com/powerinmotion

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Re: Differnce between 250 HT ,350 and 500

Hi all i am in the UK and looking to buy a 1 year old 24v 250w unit that has the NiMh battery. Any tips to look out for such as how to identify which 250w motor. also i imagine in the not so distant future a battery will be needed so are there any lasting effects in over running the 250W motors on 37V and will the controller handle the extra current?

many thanks mike

\regards Mike :0)
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