eGrandPrix is crowdsourcing electric vehicle racing

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eGrandPrix is crowdsourcing electric vehicle racing

The eGrandPrix (TTXGP and EMXGP) is undergoing an interesting transformation that may also transform how racing is done. I've talked with Azhar Hussain about this enough to know something of where he's coming from.

Basically the existing racing organizations are run as top down hierarchies imposing rules and a kind of oligarchy. (It may not be technically an oligarchy but it sure has the flavor of one)

One effect of the top down control is that anything "new" has to overcome large barriers. e.g. If it doesn't fit into the rule book then they'll reject it, right? But what if it's a perfectly fine thing that just happens to be outside the rules?

In any case - eGrandPrix has made a couple steps toward an open and sharing model of racing, rather than the top down hierarchical control model. As an open source software advocate I'm loving this, but I've seen a couple comments calling it communism (and for that matter some people call open source software communism).

The first step was the TTXGP Rules Wiki - - where you can register with the wiki and start rewriting the rules - or debating the rules in the comment section. The rules will still be passed through a technical committee but it's a radically different way to write racing rules than is done in other racing organizations.

The second step was recently revealed - http://TRUST.EGRANDPRIX.ORG (TEO)

The idea is for the teams participating in TTXGP races to own the TTXGP organization. All proceeds to TTXGP will go into a pool, and teams participating in TTXGP will earn units. Unit holders will receive income from the earnings pool based on their level of participation. You can't buy your way in, you earn position by racing.

It's very interesting... check it out.

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