Cycle Analyst 2.2 throttle hookup

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Cycle Analyst 2.2 throttle hookup

Hi.. I just got a new Cycle Analyst 2.2 and its great. A little bulky and rides too high above handlebars but neat features I'll be exploring for seasons to come. I also just began building a new Wilderness brushless with the 50 amp controller onto a Schwinn Delmar Cruiser. Bike three for me now. First one with the big controller.

I want to use it to shunt into my throttle as described in the documentation (great documentation by the way) I want to use the current limiter, cruise control, etc.

Anybody done this?. If so does it work well? Have to fiddle with the gain to keep it from hunting much? Which wire (color) did you clip in the throttle?

Anybody tap into the data stream with a 232 converter? I can see collecting data via Bluetooth to a pocket PDA a neat project. Compare that to a GPS track log you could really plot out your current draw over terrain.

Device seems very cool. I man could really kill alot of time with this gizmo. :-)

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