Smart Hybrid Conversion

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Smart Hybrid Conversion

I have been thinking that in a few years, I can pick up a smart car for a couple grand and add two hub motors to the back wheels. Set up throttle to run on electric only, until half throttle, then kick in the gas. What do you think?


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Re: Smart Hybrid Conversion

Where do you propose to find hub motors of the right size?

- David Herron, The Long Tail Pipe,,, What is Reiki
- Electrified Electra To

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Re: Smart Hybrid Conversion

I have just finished my conversion and have done the first trial runs, working great!
The front wheels are driven by the original gas engine and the back wheels by 2 hub motors.
I can easily change from electric to ICE and back.

Here´s the progress:
It´s in swedish, but there are quite a few pictures.

Video of the hub motors running:

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