Holding Brushes Back During Reassembly?

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Holding Brushes Back During Reassembly?

Boy did I screw up or what? I managed to disassemble a MY 1050 scooter motor without meaning to (don't ask) and now I am having a dickens of a time reassembling it because I can't find a way to keep the brushes out of the way while replacing the end cap. Anyone who actually knows what they're doing please advise? It's Spring and I have 2 projects to get on the go! Thanks!

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Re: Holding Brushes Back During Reassembly?

Hi marx , I have taken apart the MY1020 a few times if you look at the brush holder, there are springs that push the brushes to the armature! lift each spring, move the tip off to the side so it doesn't snap in and move the brushes out of he way. Put the brush holder on a flat surface. Put the rotor into the field with the shaft plate on, hold the shaft and lower the assembly on to the brush holder. pick up the whole affair and lay it horizontal. Bend a paper clip or bobby pin with a small j hook , carefully pull the brush holder out while pushing on the shaft, hold it there and reset the springs it's easier if you have three hands LaTeR

thank GOD I wake up above ground !!!!

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