Battery charger setup

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Battery charger setup

I am a beginner in setting up my own battery bag and charger to add on more distance and time to my current ebike and use it as a backup.
I set up the batteries properly and added a 3 prong adapter to connect to charger.
I was ready to test the charger and battery to see if it worked but as soon as I connected the three prong charger to the battery without connecting the wall outlet the lights were on the charger.

That is not correct I told myself for some reason I did something wrong, my first thought is do I need a controller? I have seen plenty of ebikes around with battery and chargers and no controllers.
The second possible mistake is that when I connected the three prong adapter I didn't go directly to the tabs but connected to the wires directly.

One or both could be my mistake and I'm here to get advice as to which it might be.

Thanks in advance.

PS: My batteries are SLA not lithium. and its a 36v setup with a 36v charger 1.8amp

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Re: Battery charger setup

Could you clarify situation? It shouldn't matter where you connect wires whether it be on wires or terminals itself. A controller is used only for motor uses usually. I have a relay on my controller to prevent charging but that is stupid since it would pull out of the outlet anyways. You have to make sure that polarity is proper and positive connects to positive. Are you using microphone connector or computer IEC connector? Most pedalecs use IEC I think. The tabs you talk about are battery tabs? Fuses are a good idea also. Make sure you measure everything with a DVM or DMM.


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