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I started working on converting my EVD to Lithium last fall and had to stop for the winter. I had taken the batteries out and cannot remember how some of the wiring. I didn't bother writing it down since I knew there was a schematic layout in the manual, but now I have questions. There is a green and red pair of wires that provide power to the dash and lights on the bike. Does this connect to one battery's terminals(12V) or all of them(60v)?



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Re: RMartin EVD VRLA

I don't have an RMartin EVD but I believe that the red and green wires are the feed for the DC-DC converter. Thus they go across the entire pack (60V) and the DC-DC converter takes that 60V and converts it down to 12V for the accessories.

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Re: RMartin EVD VRLA

I also believe there is a DC-DC converter that connects across the entire pack via the green/red pair. Red to positive, green to negative.

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