48v charger on a 36v battery

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48v charger on a 36v battery

I have two 36v battery pack (one is orginal , the second is custom built). The original battery back has its charger built in with a pc type wire connector. The second battery back that was custom built doesn't have a 36v charger but a 48v charger instead. I'm willing to swap for a 36v charger 3 prong female adapter (not xlr).

But my questions is, if I charge the 36v battery on and off with the 48v charger, how long should I keep it on before I remove it before its start overcharging?

And also when I connect the two battery packs to the bike is it correct to say that the combined amps (12 & 12) would give me 36v 24amps.

Its rigged to the controller that its setup in parallel (both positive output are connected together and both negative output are connected) and they both stretch to the controller as one.

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Re: 48v charger on a 36v battery


Please don't do that. Lead is just too expensive to waste on an unregulated charger. All chargers for scooters are controlled to do one function and that is to charge a pack to maybe 2.3 v/c. Plus or minus a few tenths of a volt. They are usually also current controlled but might try for the Full Monty and kick out max possible current. Then a fuse might pop or worse yet, smoke and flames. A nice charger for most lead acid / gel cell packs can be procured from TNC and other on this site for keeping up battery packs. Battery packs in series must be of same type and run numbers and mainly same amp hours. Don't mix and match especially expensive Lithium and lead gel cells. also eBay has some low cost ones


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Re: 48v charger on a 36v battery

Charging a 36 volt battery with a 48 volt charger is NOT advisable! It CAN be done if the charger has current limiting, and you disconnect before the cell voltage gets too high, but if you forget, or the charger does not have continuous current limiting capability, damage will be done! (With lead-acid batteries, the electrolyte may boil and dry out, or the plates may warp and short. With LITHIUM, you may get fire or explosion!)-Best bet is to use the correct charger! Yes, the ampere hour capacity will add together, for batteries in parallel. giving over twice the run time! (Why MORE than twice?-Because the rate of discharge is less, the batteries will each deliver more usable power, with less internal heating.)--Bob Curry

Robert M. Curry

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