BMS Souces ?

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BMS Souces ?

Does anyone know of any sources (other than China) where I can get a replacement BMS for my Cammy (Voltec) 36v 20ah LIFEPO4 battery ?


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Re: BMS Souces ?

Yes, try "" they are in California, USA. I got a BMS from them for my 36 volt lithium Polymer battery, that I use on my Wavecrest bike. CALL them via telephone, (510-525-2328) tell them what you have, (Type of battery, how many cells, voltage, amperage required, etc) they can provide a suitable circuit.--(If you have 11 cells in series. the type#PCM-LFP35.2V40A module would be correct for load current up to 40 amperes, with 12 cells in series, they have TWO modules, one for 40 amps or less, part# PCM- LFP12S40A, and one for up to 60 amperes, part #PCMLFP38V60A --They can modify a circuit if you need more current. If overloaded, the battery will shut off, until reset by connecting the charger. Good luck,--- Bob Curry

Robert M. Curry

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