Crystalyte Cruise Control with Cyclone (Headline) Controller on electric bike--how can I do it?

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In that as far as I know Cyclone does not produce a cruise control and Crystalyte does I would like to mary the two for my 650 watt 24 V e-trike.
I have scant information now but will put up what I do have at the moment. I can tell you that the Crystalyte cruise control works off the Hall Effect, ties into the e-brakes(stops), & I think it is a 5-pin connector with four pins used. This link gives some information.

Picture.aspxCruise control.jpg


This photo is from a Headline controller (Cyclone)

So, what I am asking for please is some insight on how to accomplish this project.


Cyclone 650 watt 24V trike


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