Zero Motorcycles Offers All-New 2010 Zero DS and Zero S at Breakthrough Price of Just $4107 After Colorado Tax Credit

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Zero Motorcycles Offers All-New 2010 Zero DS and Zero S at Breakthrough Price of Just $4107 After Colorado Tax Credit

- Zero S and DS eligible for $4888 Incentive through Colorado Tax Credit -

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo., March 29 /PRNewswire/ -- Zero Motorcycles, the global leader in the electric motorcycle industry, today announced that its Zero DS and the Zero S are now eligible for the Colorado Alternative Fuel Vehicle Tax Credit. Both electric motorcycles will now be available to Colorado residents at a price of just $4,107 after the $4,888 Colorado tax credit and a ten percent federal tax credit.
"This Colorado incentive is forward thinking and game changing. By taking advantage of state and federal tax credits the people of Colorado can now purchase a fun, efficient, high-performance electric motorcycle for less than a comparable gas model," said Gene Banman, CEO of Zero Motorcycles. "It benefits everyone in Colorado from motorcycle enthusiasts to future generations who will depend less on petroleum and have a cleaner environment."

Colorado customers will receive a $4,888 tax credit off their purchase of a 2010 Zero S or Zero DS on their 2010 Colorado state tax return. The Colorado tax credit will last as long as funding remains available. In addition to the Colorado tax credit, the motorcycles are also eligible for a ten percent federal tax credit. Zero Motorcycles is inviting interested motorcyclists to demo any one of their electric motorcycles, including the Zero S, Zero DS, Zero MX and Zero X.

Zero Motorcycles is the next step in motorcycle evolution and represents the ultimate electric motorcycle technology. Unencumbered by conventional thinking about how they design, manufacture and sell high performance electric motorcycles, they are on a mission to turn heads and revolutionize their industry by combining the best aspects of a traditional motorcycle with today's most advanced technology. The result is an electric motorcycle line that's insanely fast and environmentally friendly.

Zero Motorcycles first entered the motorcycle industry in 2006 with the all-electric Drift. In 2008 they launched the Zero X which exceeded all expectations by selling out before the year end. Its success blazed the path for the long awaited launch of the Zero S Supermoto motorcycle last year. Earlier this month, Zero Motorcycles announced the launch of its 2010 product line, including the Zero S, DS, X, and MX. With added power, increased acceleration, and enhanced power pack technology, Zero Motorcycles is continuing the innovation it's known for and taking electric motorcycle technology to the next level.

Consumer financing is available for those who qualify. To schedule a demo ride or find the nearest Independent Representative, go to

For media information or high resolution images, please contact John Ewert, DRIVEN Public Relations,, 951-461-2429 or media [at]
Zero Motorcycles' complete product lineup is available for purchase exclusively through the Zero Motorcycles website:
SOURCE Zero Motorcycles

Zero Motorcycles Offers All-New 2010 Zero DS and Zero S at Breakthrough Price of Just $4107 After Colorado Tax Credit

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Re: Zero Motorcycles Offers All-New 2010 Zero DS and Zero S ...


How many Coloradans have taken advantage of this deal?

I would like to see the street version with some saddlebags ;-)

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