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battery pack

I have built my own bike using a scooter rear wheel on top of the rear wheel of my bike. It pulls a trailer fill of sla batteries and does okay but now I am building a nimh battery pack. My question is this... how the heck can i charge the batteries using a sla float charger. I know it is a stupid thing to do but I still want to do it.

How can I calculate how much current to put into the battery. I get the 1.5 rule, but how do I know how much has been drained from the battery. Suppose I ride an 12ah hour battery thirty minutes how can I tell how much current has been used. Can I read the voltage and figure an approximate amps used.

Im pretty dumb here so keep it simple please.

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Re: battery pack

hi Deacon,

unless you can get hold of large format Ni-mh for *really* cheap,
avoid nimh like the plague.

ni-mh cells can't be parralelled due to the voltage drop at full charge (if you do you get a sizeable fire)

to effectively charge a nimh pack, you need an Ah counter.

to ineffectively charge a nimh pack, charge at 0.3C for 5 hours.

i highly recommend going lithium instead (both cheaper upfront and more reliable)


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