Project idea for an electric knee walker , any suggetions ?

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Project idea for an electric knee walker , any suggetions ?


I wasnt too sure where the best to place to post this would be, so I thought ( if no one minds ) id ask here.

What i wanted to ask then is if any one here might have any suggestions or ideas on how I could create / go about creating what ive dubbed an e-walker.

IE. To take something like this and turn it into the equivelant of an pedelec / e-bike ( all be it without the pedals )

It doesnt have to power assisted ( all it would be nice i.e. to have some variable on the speed output at least ) and also have the option of having it on manual for when the batteries run out.

The easiest or most straightforward solution ( based on my limited knowledge ) seems to be to taking something like this and somehow incoperating it into the knee walker.

Sorry if this is bit off-topic , like i said i wasnt exactly sure which category this would apply too.



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