Bionx won't generate .... HELP

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Bionx won't generate .... HELP

I have just come into possession of a recumbent trike that's equipped with a Bionx 36V system. I had to replace the control console and then set all the programmable options. Since doing that the system will not go into generation. The console shows being in generate mode but the motor won't actually generate. I think I may have an option set wrong but can't determine which one. Anyone have any suggestions?

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Re: Bionx won't generate .... HELP

I know this sounds stupid, but be sure to check all the connections. There are a few on the Bionx setup and it is easy to miss one or have one that is not making good contact. For example there is a wire pair leading from the battery pack to the motor. If this is unplugged the result would be what you are experiencing.

I believe if you press the throttle you should see a voltage increase at the motor (At least I think this is true. I'll check it tonight.) The result will help narrow down the potential problems.

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