Weak battery?

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Weak battery?

I have a used two year plus old 36v system that was given to me.

I had some problems a few weeks ago that led me to "rest" (code 5000) the system via the control console.

Anyway, it seems that I can only get about 5 plus miles between battery charges. I have to recharge every time I use the trike. I generally have the assist set at 1 so I don't think I'm draining the battery by overuse.

How do I know if it a bad battery or is there something else I should be checking. How can I go about reading the actual voltage on the battery after I charge it?

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Re: Weak battery?

If I remember well cdoe 3772 (power + mode buttons for 3 seconds plus enter de code) will give you the voltage when fully charged, it should read 39.1V or so for a 36V battery, does your indicator shows a full battery after recharging?
The batteries may well be damage if they where left long periods without recharging and went under the minimum voltage. You could try completely draining the battery and a then do a full recharge.
Optionally you could find a battery refurbishing service that would have the specialized equipment to try to recondition the battery cells or replace them, or you could send it back to BionX to replace the cells. 0r you could DIY but Lithium could be dangerous.
Is better to recharge often than to allow deep discharges. Also allow the battery to cool down before recharging. I got a little timer plug that charges the battery 30 minutes later so I don't forget to plug the charger in. If you are comuting you might think of getting a second charger and leaving it a work.

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