ZZ Cruiser Electric Scooter problem

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ZZ Cruiser Electric Scooter problem

Got a zz cruiser electric scooter from my buddy couple weeks ago and finally had time to look at it for it wasn't working he said. Said its been sitting for 2 years and hasn't done anything with it. It wouldn't run when i got it. obviously the batteries must be dead. it has a 2 prong charger adapter, but i didn't have a 2 prong charger so i put the 3 prong charger from my kids mx400 and charged it, but the light never went to green even though i let it charge all night. still 2 12v batteries to make 24v, but only differnece is mx400 has 7ah batteries and zz cruiser has 9ah. guessing thats why, but the problem is this.

when i flip the switch to on it runs, but doesn't go very fast at all. we're talking like 5mph or so i'm guessing. it let me ride it for like an hour yesterday fine without dying, but when i flip the switch to on the wheel starts turning by itself even though i am not touching the throttle, slowly, but still turning sure enough. throttle is not stuck i checked. so im wondering if i need new batteries or maybe a controller? if so i was hoping to just go for 3 batteries and make it 36v and get a 36v controller. problem would be making them all fit in there. lol

from what i gather it has a 300w motor ramped up or whatever from a 200w..whatever that means.
seems kinda weak to me for a scooter, but hey what do i know.

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