EVT 4000 and 168's available at great prices from Green Rides

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Hey, I just found out about a great deal available from Green Rides. This is a dealership near me in Campbell CA and they are looking to liquidate their stock of EVT 4000's and 168's.

These bikes are made by Electric Vehicles of Taiwan (evt.co.tw), a company that's been making and selling good quality electric scooters for a long time. I bought my EVT 4000 in 2002 and have been happy with it. They have 1500 watt hub motors and do a solid 30 miles/hr. Mine with new batteries would easily go 20 miles (SLA batteries).

The scooters are in brand new condition and most are still in the boxes.

Price is in the neighborhood of $1500. Note that these scooters normally list for over $2500. The price does not include shipping.

Their web site is http://greenridesca.com


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