need help in making A2B Metro Go faster

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need help in making A2B Metro Go faster

hey guys i did the search and didn't see anybody saying anything about how to make the A2B metro go faster, can anybody help me with this, i heard they can achieve 35-40 mph max depending on weight and terrain. does anybody know how to remove or bypass the limiter?

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Re: need help in making A2B Metro Go faster

All I can think of is rocket engines. Sorry. Actually I wonder where you heard this BICYCLE will be safe at 40 miles/hr? I actually don't know much about the innards of those bikes but have been impressed by the build quality of the whole thing. IIRC the motor is only 500 watts which makes me doubtful it could be juiced up to 40 miles/hr. Are you thinking of their newer model that's got no pedals and is officially a scooter? IIRC it has a approx-30 miles/hr speed.

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Re: need help in making A2B Metro Go faster

I'm on the same boat as the Op, I was thinking of exchanging the a2b excel motor with the metro motor anybody know if they are compatible? Has anyone done anything else to modify their metro? Like the op I could not find anything on the net :(

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