Help in connecting small generator

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I have a vectrix scooter and have problems with the range. Since I almost walked on foot couple of times I came to the idea to connect an outer portable power source. I intent to put a portable small generator in my case and charge during driving and this for times of emergency and environmental health. I have made some tests and the problem seems to be that when I connect the charge cable into this generator the scooter does not work.
Does anyone have an idea or typ where I can connect this generator because the scooter has 2 batteries.



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Re: Help in connecting small generator

you can direct connect a genset to the scooter battery.

if going this route, id suggest using an inverter 110vac genset.
direct connect the rectifier to the battery, and lock the throttle at full.
ditch the "inverter" gear.

adding a genset takes as much playing around as changing over to lithium requires.



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Re: Help in connecting small generator

To extendthe range of a Vectrix, without losing performance, you need a generator that can meet or exceed the electrical demands of the vehicle, typically over 5,000 watts at speeds near 50 miles per hour! A smaller generator, say only 1,000 watts, might give about 20% more range, but the battery would die. A 7,000 watt generator would be great, if a very small and light unit were available, but such machines usually weigh around 400 pounds! I do not think you will find this idea very practical, due to the size and weight of a suitable generator.---Bob


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Re: Help in connecting small generator

A generator running whilst riding is an unacceptable electrical safety risk, at least if strapped to a Vectrix.

The largest generator currently available and able to be safely carried by a Vectrix would be around <2kW continuous power output.

This cannot be carried safely on the luggage rack, but maybe on the passenger seat with some modifications.

You probably need a True Sine Wave Generator to keep the electronics happy, unless you want to forfeit the range indicator functionality and charge the battery directly via a bridge rectifier. Without additional safety measures (extensive!), you would risk catastrophic over-charging if the generator was left running for too long.
The cooling impellers will not run if you charge the battery directly, big risk of fire and venting cells that way!

Have a look through the Vectrix archives on VisforVoltage, we have discussed this idea a few times before.


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