Earth Day Turns 40, the Electric Bicycle Turns 115

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Earth Day Turns 40, the Electric Bicycle Turns 115

Saw the following press release and they make an interesting point ... BTW see Electric Bicycle History for the long history of electric bicycles. The first patent on an electric bicycle was in 1895.

SANTA CLARA, Calif., April 13 /PRNewswire/ -- More than one billion people in 190 countries will be taking action for Earth Day 2010. ELV Motors, Inc is doing its part by offering practical and affordable zero emission vehicles in the form of electric bicycles.

Every year a growing number of people help expand Earth Day from once a year to once a week. They might start out by leaving the car at home once a week and use an electric bike to commute to school or work or a folding electric bike to get you to and from mass transit. Some folks go even further and make every day Earth Day by trading in their car for a solar charging system for their entire home.

"We have found electric bicycles are one of the few products that appeal to 16 through 86 year olds, to both women and men, and with an economic range from unemployed without a license to billionaires with private planes and yachts," stated Douglas Schwartz, CEO & founder of ELV Motors, Inc. based in Silicon Valley.

Like cars, electric bikes come in all shapes, sizes, power, and price range. The choices abound and thoughtful selection is the key to buying the perfect electric bike for your size, age, budget and application. Electric bikes give consumers the option of riding in power mode or peddling like a traditional bike.

"If small size and light weight is important for commuting, carrying upstairs, or using with an RV, boat or plane, I suggest a folding electric bike from VeloMini. If price is king, then Currie's EZip line could be a good choice. If cruising in comfort is important then a beach cruiser with balloon tires from Pedego is the way to go.

"For riding in style to work, school or on the trails, Ultra Motor would be my recommendation. Hebb Bikes makes an excellent daily commuter and Electric Motion System is my recommendation for steep hills, the need for speed or for large or heavy riders," Schwartz explained.

About ELV Motors, Inc.

ELV Motors, Inc. was founded in 2008 with the mission of supplying "Fleet Certified" electric bicycles and scooters to consumers, companies, campuses and cities. For information call 408-850-8191 or visit

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