Regenerative electric bicycle motor

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Regenerative electric bicycle motor

Saw this discussed on a different mailing list.. It's an electric bicycle motor that includes some regenerative something or other magic juju. The info on the website is badly translated to english but it says something about regen during downhill riding. is a German company. This might not be getting distribution in the U.S. Maybe one of our European members is familiar with this?

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Re: Regenerative electric bicycle motor

Thanks for link. The English translation is quite amusing. I got a chuckle from the "sex level assistant force"...

On a more serious note, I really doubt that the "Optinal regenerative motor system" [sic] can offer a meaningful recharge to an ebike. I have yet to see a "regenerative" system with tangible benefits.

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Re: Regenerative electric bicycle motor

I don't know if you would call this a "tangible regenerative benefit" or not, but I just put together an electric bike, using a Kelly Controller with regeneration. I would doubt that I get much more range from the bike, but the main benefit I get is that I can use the regenerative mode to hold my speed down on long downhill runs on some of the gravel roads I travel. It's much better than replacing brake pads every two months, and the Kelly Controller is programmable as to the max regen allowed. I really like the idea that I can pull my brake lever just enough to engage the switch and hold my speed down without engaging the brakes.
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