Urban Mover Gearing is way too low

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Urban Mover Gearing is way too low

I live in the UK and I just bought a UM36SX pedelec (after loads of delays, don't ask, but I would never, never, never buy anything from them ever, ever, ever again). However, leaving that aside, I bought it and it's fine but low geared.

Because it's a pedelec, I'm told that changing the crank wheel for a larger one isn't an option.

It uses a Shimano multi-freewheel (NOT cassette) system on the rear and I'm looking to replace it with a 7-speed unit with a higher top gear ratio (11-28 or 11-34). Although Shimano used to make and distribute these in the UK,(I think it was called a Mega 7), it seems they no longer do - does anyone on the forum know where I can get one stateside?

Even a good quality used unit would be OK, but there seem to be none at all in the UK.


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