A little more speed from 408

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A little more speed from 408


I currently ride crystalyte 408 hub motor with 48V 12Ah SLA battery pack. My controller is the one with regenerative breakings (don't know the model though). I can currently ride around 40km/h (~25mph) on freshly recharged batteries and around 32km/h (~20mph) with partially drained batteries. My wheels are 26''.

I need more speed :). I would like to be able to ride around 25mph constantly or even more if possible.

I was wondering if I can add another 12V battery to make the whole pack 60V ? Would that fry my controller or engine?

I've read about some controllers not being able to handle more than 55V. Can I solve this problem by exchanging my controller to 36-72V one ?

How much can I expect from 408? I don't need acceleration due to the fact that I usually ride on even roads.

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Re: A little more speed from 408

Myself have a 48v scooter with 4 12v 12amp batts. and get 23mph. I added a 5th batt and get 28mph.plus more seat time. P.s. I'm in search of peddles for my scooter E-mail me @ SILVERFL39 [at] YAHOO.COM I will pay 4 them TY Markxr7

mark chojnowski

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Re: A little more speed from 408

Yes, it's better to change the controller if the current controller can't handle the higher voltage. 36-72 is a good choice.
But warning, if this is an E-bike , if You ever fall of the bike then you take very, extremely heavy risks.

The 408 can go up to 72V and speed goes up eacht time when the voltage is getting higher.
The speed can go up to 60km/h, sure on flat roads.

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